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"Always fresh, always delicious..."

How it all began?

ARD Saluta was founded in 1995 in Istanbul/Turkey. Today, ARD Saluta is one of Turkey’s fastest-growing processed food companies with an extensive range of quality products. Widely preferred and trusted by Turkish and several food companies, ARD Saluta assures goodness in all its products. This assurance is encapsulated by the brand slogan.

 ARD Saluta is committed to providing consumers with only the best products that are made with a lot of love, persistently paying attention to the smallest detail that goes into making them and going that extra mile to ensure the best quality.


Our Vision

We aspire to add flavour to the lives of 'our customers,' while ensuring nutritious and delicious top-quality products across World.

Our Values


Deliver products of the highest quality to our consumers every time


Understand the sensitivities of internal as well as external customers


Display the courage to shape a better future


Actively respond to changing market dynamics

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